Friday, November 12, 2010

Recipe Index

I really don’t put anything on my blog that isn’t worth making or eating. If I do (see Cake Pops) I would have told you in the post. So, if you don’t like it you, A. didn’t make it correctly or, B. you didn’t heed my warning.
Here is a collection of recipes that you should make today. Enjoy!


Side Dishes and Veggies
Dips and Sauces and Relishes
Candy Cane Kiss Cookies

Candy Canes
Candy Cane Kiss Cookies

Homemade Candy Canes - Christmas
Sweet-n-Spicy Pumpkin Seeds – Halloween/Thanksgiving
Spider Cookies - Halloween
Eyeball Cake Pops - Halloween
Bake Sale Worthy
Spider Cookies - Halloween
Eyeball Cake Pops - Halloween
Craft Tutorials


  1. Now you have a _lucky_ group of 13 followers! :)

  2. Welcome to Saturday Centus. I really enjoyed your unique take on the prompt. Something I never would have thought of. Hope you continue doing Saturday Centus ;-)

  3. Welcome to Saturday Centus! If you think that narcotic haze was a roller coaster, you ain't seen nothing yet LOL. Loved your take on this, what an original story! Kat

  4. Wow! Very creative take. I really enjoyed this one. I'm thinking I need to try and find some self-help blogs, like one for those addicted to blogging!

  5. Dear Lynnie,
    Love this Centus! I like the mix of the dream-like circus haloucinations, the fat lady and the tightrope and then the happy end back into reality!
    Well done!
    Best wishes,

    Anna's SC week 27

  6. Hey! I never saw you hiding in the delivery room during my childbirth. Actually my hallucinations were trains so I guess maybe you weren't, technically, there!

    What a great use of the prompt. I'm a little annoyed that hardly anyone else has read this. I'll give you a shout on this Saturday's SC if you want.

    Tell me it's OK, though, before I do it!

    Thanks for linking up!

    It is a challenge to craft a story around a prompt AND a word count. Yikes.

    But you did good!