Friday, November 19, 2010

Salsa With a Little Bit of Trash...I Mean Class!

After cleaning up the breakfast dishes this morning I came to the conclusion that I get no joy out of cleaning my kitchen anymore.  Come on…..someone surely understands what I mean.  Like a master architect you fit everything into the dishwasher.  The inside of the microwave is as sterile as an operating room.  The counter is smooth and your Grandma’s old cookie jar stands proudly on display filled with your homemade goodies.  You got all the baked on, caked on, burned on, stuff off of your casserole dish and tiny remaining bubbles pop softly in the sink.  You stand and admire your masterpiece finishing off the last few sips of red wine, in the soft glow of the light from the oven hood.  Romantic huh?  Well, not when you share your kitchen with the washer and dryer like I have to.
Oh it gets better.  Here's my ENTIRE kitchen....
Anyway, I miss my HUGE lovely kitchen in Texas and I had to mope to my husband about my new(old) kitchen here in Japan….and guess what?  No sympathy from the man whatsoever.  He just said, “Honey, you can choose to have a good day or a bad day over this.” (By the way, we say this to our 7 year old.)  I had to just sulk away.  How could a man ever understand the dishonor and mortification I can potentially face in the blogging community with my pathetic little ugly kitchen?  I was feeling like total kitchen trash and was about to cry when Amber(7) said, “Hey mom!  I like Japan!” and handed me a picture of Mt. Fuji that she had drawn.
 I gave her a hug and stuck it on my sparkling clean white refrigerator.  Looking around (no wine in sight), the bright November sun highlighting the washer and dryer (in case you forgot...they are IN my kitchen), I felt joy.
You might think that is the end.  Like I am soooo grateful for all my blessings blah, blah, blah…..but no.  The joy and romance created in the story above quickly dissipated as a pulled out the blender to make salsa for taco night.  You see, I don’t have a red and chrome fancy Oster.  I have this to match the washer and dryer in my kitchen……
So, in my trashy kitchen with my trashy blender I bring you my famous homemade salsa recipe. 

Lynnie's Salsa


·        1 can Original Rotel tomatoes
·        1 can diced tomato with garlic and onion
·        1 small can sliced black olives drained
·        About 10 leaves of fresh cilantro
·        2 teaspoons garlic salt
·        5 to 10 “shakes” of Cholula hot sauce
Okay, this is hard.  Put this all in a blender. 
  You can adjust the amount of cilantro and Cholula to your desired taste.  10 “shakes” of the hot sauce makes a medium salsa.  Now, press “liquefy” for a about 20 seconds.    If you must have chunky salsa you can just stir everything in a bowl and let sit, but I don’t do chunky.  The salsa really gets good flavor after it sits in the refrigerator for a couple of hours.  But remember, we are being “trashy” here.  So, when your husband yells from the sofa, “Woman! I need some chips and salsa for the game…the boys will be here in 5!”… can whip this up.

Did I mention that my washer and dryer are IN my kitchen???


  1. Is it better to have your washer and dryer in the kitchen or in the garage? This is the best salsa ever and I am not saying that just because you are my daughter!

  2. yeah I have always loved your Salsa... I made a whole batch and canned it this year.. But I like the fresh kind a lot.
    I have to say your blender looks pretty nice next to my 40 year old one that liquid leaks out the bottom..
    Cute kitchen you can multi-task clean clothes and clean dishes...

  3. I'd say your kitchen is 1960ish - it's still in black & white! I'd take a washer/dryer in my kitchen anyday if my kitchen was as clean as yours. Can't wait to try your salsa. I've been waiting for the recipe since last summer.

  4. I will try this looks delicioso, and easy to make it!
    Your kitchen is very clean :-)

  5. Your salsa sounds yummy. Your kitchen is totally amazingly clean. You need to come visit mine. I've been canning green tomato relish all day (the frost got my plants!) and it is pretty darned trashed.