Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving Interview

“I   am    thankful   for   the    food    god    provides   us   with.  I    am    thankful    for     my     mom    &     my     dad.  I    am    thankful     for    my    frindes     because    thay    make    me   fell    speshl . “ *
*This is what I  found this morning on my laptop when I opened it up.  By Amber, age 7. (I’m guessing we need to work on the words friends and special.)
It’s somewhere in the 4am-ish zone here, all nice and quiet.  My husband doesn’t understand why this quiet time is different from the quiet I get when he is at work and the kids are at school.  But, it is different.  I love that my family is upstairs all cozy and quiet…..they are home, but not bothering me.  It’s nice.  So with my cup of coffee and nice quiet house I bring you this week’s Writer’s Workshop!
I interviewed my kids yesterday about Thanksgiving. We are 15 hours ahead here in Japan, so our Thanksgiving is over, while you all feast today!  Amber is 7, Allie is 10, and Abbey is 12.  Yeah, they are all A’s….my husband’s idea and I don’t recommend it to anyone.  When I get confused I call them names like Almby and Ambie. Here are the questions and answers….(my thoughts are in parentheses)  The picture of the girls above, is on the Tama river last weekend here in Japan.  Aren't they cuties?
1.      What are you thankful for this year?
Amber: God
Allie: Moving to Japan.
Abbey:  My mom and dad.  They are the coolest parents a kid could have. (Okay Princess Buttkiss)

2.      How much do you think a turkey costs?
Amber: Eight dollars
Allie:  Fifteen dollars
Abbey: About 20 bucks I guess.  Why are you asking me these questions?

3.     If you could invite anyone to Thanksgiving dinner who would you invite?
(These answers described my kids 3 different personalities perfectly)
Amber: Taylor Swift
Allie: Will Ferrell
Abbey: Stephenie Meyer, the lady who wrote Twilight….or maybe Taylor Lautner.  You know mom, the guy who plays Jacob on Twilight.  (ummm…yeah I know)  But you probably would have him wear a shirt at the dinner table huh?  (Yes I would have him wear a shirt.  No I wouldn’t.  Wait, is my 12 year old looking at boys with no shirts? Oh geez…I am not ready for this.)

4.     Is our house clean enough for the president of the United States to come over for Thanksgiving dinner?
Amber: Yes, and I would make my bed for you to help. (awwwww)
Allie : No (Whaaaaaat????)
Abbey : Yes, he can come over but we can’t let him go upstairs.  (Okay, that is probably true.)

5.      What movie do you want to watch while lying on the couch all stuffed with food from Thanksgiving dinner.
Amber: Cats and Dogs in 3D (I have no idea where she got this idea)
Allie : Jaws
Abbey: Jaws

6.     What does your dad do after he eats Thanksgiving dinner?
Amber: He lays on the couch.
Allie: He takes a nap on the couch and watches TV
Abbey:  He gets some chips and salsa and lays on the couch and watches football, and then later he eats some more turkey and sneaks deviled eggs.

Both Amber and Abbey, did not want to interview anymore and I had a Thanksgiving feast to prepare.  We had a wonderful day with some new friends and a couple of single airmen. 
This Thanksgiving I am once again thankful for my military life and the people I meet.  I am especially thankful for all the men and women who serve our country.

Wondering where the Jaws thing came from?  Last year at Thanksgiving the girls and my husband watched Jaws while I was cleaning up our feast.  They LOVED it.  Ironically, Brian was flipping around the channels last night after sneaking another deviled egg, and guess what was on?  Jaws II!!!  Yep, it was some quality family time!!!!
Oh yes…..enter my contest if you can!!  You will probably win because no one has entered.  I’ll be totally embarrassed if no one enters!  Just click on the pic below and post your holiday recipe or craft!  $25 Gift card....anyone?....anyone?


  1. Happy Thanksgiving Lynnie. Yours girls are sweethearts! As for the "A" thing, my cousin did that to, Aimme, Ashley, Andrea.. I generally just yell "hey you" :-). As for Jaws, that sounds like perfect holiday viewing in my personal opinion! And now I must check out this contest.... I love contests :-)

  2. Yes, the girls are cuties for sure. What a beautiful picture that you paint with your words and a beautiful picture of the girls too. They seem very articulate for their ages. I marvel at how different personalities can be. Jaws II, that speaks to me to divine intervention. Always loved sequels to books I read. Keep up the great writing and Happy Belated Thanksgiving.

  3. Great answers! I wish I could have done this with my 4 y.o. but he was too young. It should be a family tradition!

  4. I loved their answers. They made me chuckle. So genuine. It will be fun to look back on this in about ten years!