Sunday, November 14, 2010

Saturday Centus - Week 28

I know I just did a Saterday Centus in my last post, but I barely got that one posted in the nick of time and I was on the roll to write another.  If you get a chance I HIGHLY recommend reading the other SC posts.  There are some amazingly gifted writers and I am just fortunate I stumbled across ….off on my tangent…. So I could write something with them.  They all make me feel creative, unworthy, challenged, and pathetic, all at the same time!  I just say that because the one semester “I majored in English”, in college is failing me miserably.  I was never part of the really good writers in my classes but I soooooo wanted to be.  Regardless, I am going to do my weekly Saturday Centus  and challenge my bloggie followers to do the same.
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Week 28 Prompt is “The early November sunshine cast golden rays…” You will most likely notice, I put it in red.
He woke up startled at the sound of a door slamming down the hall.  Muffled voices passed by reminding him that he was staring at the casual turn of a ceiling fan in a hotel room.  He turned his head toward the tangle of auburn curls and cinnamon tasting skin of the woman lying asleep next to him.  Turning away he glanced at the clock radio next to the bed, knowing it was much too late to call home.  The early November sunshine cast golden rays across the nightstand where he had placed his wedding band the night before.  His bare chest lifted with a deep sigh.

Okay… you try it!


  1. Shame on him for cheating! But very good use of the prompt!~Ames

  2. So well done and I loved ... cinnamon tasting skin ... ooh wonderful description!

  3. Nicely done! Beautifully descriptive, you captured the moment perfectly. Kat

  4. Nicely done...things always seem easier in the now he has to face the sunshine!

  5. Men! Can't live with 'um, can't shoot 'um!!

  6. What a rat! Great take on the prompt.

  7. What a stinker LOL. Very interesting and great take on the prompt.

  8. Love those concrete images..."tangle of auburn curls and cinnamon tasting skin..." Very good writing - and such a great twist at the end.


  9. Dirty rotten scoundrel....I hate cheaters. Arrgh! Great job with the prompt.

  10. Great descriptive writing style! I think your English professors would be proud! I enjoyed your story very much. Super twist!

  11. Very well-written Centus. Fine description.
    But what a scoundrel! Hopefully not all men are like this! (Just found out a week ago that my husband is 'seeing' another woman. So your Centus has hit close to home with me. But it's ok. I am almost glad to know after months of intuitively feeling tht something was not right.)

    You have no reason to feel unworthy as a writer. We are all just trying to do what we can. I for one am not an English major at all, but have always dreamed of writing. (I still dream about doing translations.) I live in a non-English-speaking country where I have not made use of my knowledge of the English language as I might have, if I had planned my life a little differently.

    Saturday Centus is a sort of 'refresher-course' for me. When I write these little SC-exercises, I use the dictionary to check spelling and am not ashamed to admit it.

    Best wishes,
    Anna's SC wk 28

  12. What a chump! Hope he gets what he deserves...