Sunday, November 21, 2010

These Three Girlies Craft & Cookie Showdown!!!!

I am pretty sure I heard somewhere that when you hit 19 followers on your blog, you are supposed to hold a contest.  It is also the season of giving so I thought, what could be better than a contest with a prize and a chance to share some linky love?  So here it is folks……The Three Girlies Craft and Cookie Showdown 2010!
I am calling out the best of the best!  It is a showdown to see who is the most festive creative artsy-fartsy Martha-like cooking crafter out there!
Why should you enter?  A $25 dollar Visa gift card and bragging rights of course! 
Here’s the Rules:
First you must be a follower of my blog. Then, you must put my fancy showdown link-up somewhere in your craft/recipe post. 

These Three Girlies

 Next, post your blog and pic here.  Finally, spread some Christmas cheer and visit some other links and leave a few nice not naughty!  On December 15th, my talented panel of judges* will determine the winner!

Who decides which wonderful entry wins the 2010 Craft and Cookie Showdown?  These girls do!!!!
Amber Age 7
Amber likes climbing trees, dark chocolate, and wants to be a geologist when she grows up.  For Christmas she wants a doll house.
Melissa (my age)
Melissa likes to copy recipes from other people and usually just buys pre-made crafts instead of doing them herself.  This spring she is running her first marathon.
Roxanne (the same age as a grandma)
Roxanne has unfinished craft project issues and likes to get pedicures.  She is the judge you REALLY need to impress.

Good luck and let the showdown begin!!!!
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  1. Haha! Great panel of judges. I will have to think of something to enter.

  2. Great panel of judges - all ages represented! Hope I win, of course!

  3. Great panel of judges. I had to get onto my hsubands computer to visit your blog for some firewall won't let me through. But if I can get back on here tomorrow (he says he needs to use it again...the whiner!) I'll try and link up!

  4. This might be the incentive I need to get going on my mince pies. I set a goal this week to bake Mexican wedding cookies, traditional Christmas butter cookies AND mince pies this week.

    And finish my Christmas shopping.

    (Commencing deep breathing on 3 ... 2 ... )