Thursday, October 28, 2010

Spider Cookies

This is the LAST Halloween recipe….I PROMISE!  Between the school bake sale, the middle school dance (more on that soon, because it was my oldest daughter’s first dance ever!!!), and the “You’ve been BOOED” packages on my door, I was getting crazy trying to make goodies.  Oh, you noticed I had more than one BOO on my door?  I confess, it took me almost a week to tape up the sign that proclaims someone had already BOOED me…..and during that time we were BOOED again.  I also confess that I only BOOED one family back.  It took my daughters almost a half hour to find a BOOless door.  So someone’s BOO line was killed at my doorstep.   My point is, who has time to make dozens and dozens of goodies with all the BOO madness?  So I put my 10 year old Allie to work on this recipe.
·        Betty Crocker Peanut Butter Cookie Mix
·        Rolo Chocolate and Caramel candies
·        Skinny licorice ropes (black or red)
·        Mini M&Ms
·        Black Decorating Frosting
·        Small Decorating tip

Get a bowl out for your 10 year old….because if she dropped your Pampered Chef large batter bowl while climbing off the counter….well, you would be gnashing your teeth.  Make the cookies as directed on the package.  You will only need oil and egg for this.  Yay! It is even easy for a kid to stir.  Make small teaspoon size balls and do not press them down.  Bake.  This is a good time to cut the licorice into little legs (about an inch and a half or as long as you want). We used red licorice (Pull-n-Peel Twizzlers) because black is BLECHY….but it would look cooler. You decide.  You also need to unwrap the Rolos because you are going to press one in the middle of each cookie as SOON as they come out of the oven.  Wait two minutes and then remove the rolo cookies onto some wax paper.  Technically you could stop here.  These Rolo and Peanut Butter cookies are good.  You better try one, just to check if the caramel is gooey enough.  Mmmmmmm.

While the cookies are still warm, stick eight little licorice legs into the bottom part of the Rolos.  Viola! Spider legs!  Then, take the mini M&Ms and lightly press two onto the top of each Rolo for googly spider eyes.  If you want to get really detailed, put small black dots in the middle of each eye with the black frosting or a decorating pen.  Let cool so the legs don’t slide off the caramel.  You are finished!
The Spider COOKIES were a HUGE hit at the bake sale.  There is something about pulling the legs off of something and eating them first that kids just love.  Have a safe and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!

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