Thursday, October 21, 2010

Creamy Dreamy Chicken

Creamy Chicken

Today had to be a crock pot day.  I left the house at 7:25 am and came home at 5:30pm.  Actually, that is a lie.  I came home for about ten minutes and decided I better put something in the crock pot, or we would be having Subway for the third time this week.

This recipe is wonderfully easy and delicious.  It also falls under the comfort food category because it is creamy and warm and you should probably go to the gym the day after you serve it.  I only say this because the leftovers are to die for!  You will have a giant heaping plate of it while your kids are at school and then maybe even take a nap.  Nap? Who am I kidding?

·        One can cream of mushroom soup mix
·        4 to 6 boneless chicken breasts
·        1 envelope Italian dressing mix
·        Half of a cup of water
·        8 oz. cream cheese
·        Pasta noodles, rice, or baked potato

Put the soup into your crock pot and lay the chicken breasts on top.  Most people would thaw them out first but I put them in frozen solid.  If you have less than 4 hours to cook them though, you are going to have to thaw them out first.  Next add the water and the soup mix.  Put on the lid and cook for 3 to 4 hours on high, or put it on low if it will be longer.  Or put it on high and turn it down, whatever.  The longer you cook it the more fall aparty the chicken gets and fall aparty is always a good thing.

About 15 minutes before serving, take out the chicken and cut it into small pieces.  Add the cream cheese.  I usually buy the Philadelphia whipped cream cheese because it stirs in faster. Throw the chicken pieces back in and let it sit in the crock pot for about 10 more minutes so it can warm back up.  Serve over pasta, rice, or get really fancy and do baked potato.  My kids would all three gag if I got all fancy on them, so we do angel hair pasta.  Like I said, the leftovers are great…..maybe even better than the fresh batch.  This recipe is also easily doubled.

*This recipe was given to me by my wonderful friend Deanna.  She is a SUPER MOM.  When I first met her she asked me what my laundry system was.  She said she loved hearing about others’ laundry systems.  Dear Deanna, I tried to color code my baskets for each kid like you do.  They each assumed that I had purchased them a “car” to ride down the steps in.  It didn’t work.  I am now back to my old system which is simply……Deanna is so cool….she has a system.

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