Friday, December 16, 2011

Yesterday I Got My Craft On

I used to be really really crafty.  I say “used” to be, because all of my stamps, scrapbooking supplies, beads, paint, glitter and more are all in storage…….in Texas.  Since moving to Japan I now only have one small cupboard allotted for craft storage, and Hobby Lobby has yet to become an international sensation.

Lucky for me, I have a few friends who, despite the lack of space, have Modge Podge, acrylic paint, and sparkly embossing powder, oozing out of their windows.  AND they are nice enough to share. Plus….this is hard for me to say….they are much more creative and crafty then I will ever be.
Yesterday our culture group and these super crafty creative ladies, got together for our Christmas party.  We made these……

Wonderful don’t you think?

To make one you will need:
·        A piece of wood. (Size depends on what size your letters are.)
·        Acrylic paint (any color you love)
·        Die cut letters (the crafters had a die cut machine)
·        Transfer paper (so your letters stick to the board)
·        Some glossy varnish ( just in case you hang it outside)
·        Glue gun
·        Pretty wired Christmas ribbon
First, paint the wood on the edges and one side.  Any color will do.  I chose red, but one of the Japanese ladies chose a pale purple and it was lovely.  You may need to do several coats depending how porous your wood is.

Once it is dried, attach your letters to the transfer paper.

Place the transfer paper sticky side down on your painted board, and rub the letters firmly with a scraper.

Gently peel back the transfer paper to reveal the letters sticking neatly on your board.

Cover the sides and edges with a coat of varnish.

Glue on a Christmas ribbon to the back with a glue gun.  We used a 2 ½ inch wired ribbon cut into two lengths.  Again, the size/length of your ribbon will depend on the size of your board.  Tie in a bow.  

All finished!  Now now you have a cute and easy Christmas hanging.  The Japanese ladies LOVED theirs!

And I love mine too!

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