Friday, September 2, 2011

Owl Cupcakes...They Are A Hoot!

If you take these to a school bake sale everyone will say to you, “Nice hooters!”

Cute huh?
I made these for the daughter of a VERY good friend.  I say VERY, because I don’t normally take a lot of time to decorate things I bake or cook.  I tend to make big messes and get frosting all over everything. 
So, wearing a pair of white shorts no less, I got all down and dirty and chocolaty for my friend.  Turns out, it was worth it.
Owl Cupcakes
What you need:
·        12 cupcakes (I used Chocolate & Vanilla)
·        1-2 cans chocolate frosting
·        24 Oreo sandwich cookies twisted apart
·        Junior Mints
·        Candy Corn
Step 1: Frost all of your cupcakes with the chocolate frosting and be sure to drop a glob on your white shorts.
Step 2:  Twist your Oreos apart.  Mine came apart easily, but the cupcake book I used said to zap some in the microwave for about 3 seconds if you are having trouble.
Step 3: Press the Oreo halves, frosted side up, into the upper half of the frosted cupcakes.  (It is at this time you somehow get chocolate in your hair.)
Step 4: Score 12 of the unfrosted Oreos into 3 parts with a serrated knife.  This way they can easily snap apart.  It should look like this.

Step 5: Stick the round edge Oreo pieces into the top of each cupcake above the Oreo halves.  These will be the owl’s ears.

Step 6:  Next, you will pipe more chocolate frosting on the ears and in between the eyes to create the look of feathers.  I have no pictures of this because I had too much chocolate frosting on my hands and shorts.
Step 7: Pipe a dot of frosting on top of each Oreo half and stick a Junior Mint on it for the owl’s eye.  Make sure to drop a Junior Mint on the chair you are sitting on and get the back of your white shorts all chocolaty too.
Step 8: Press a candy corn in the center of each set of eyes for the nose.
Step 9: Put on an apron to cover up the chocolate you got all over yourself.....or maybe you should have done that first....before you started with the chocolate?
You’re done!!  Whoo hoo!  (Or should I say Hoot! Hoot!!??)
Happy Birthday Kaylie…..hoped you liked them!!!
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  1. I like your hooters! Those are adorable. I will have to make them for kids.

  2. Cute, Cute, Cute!! I will definitely have to make these at my next get together....I wil NOT be wearing white shorts when I make them! :)

  3. I'm going to make these for a birthday party this weekend. Thanks for the details!

  4. Oh I love these. Who needs a piping bag when you can use your imagination like that!