Thursday, September 1, 2011

Yay! The First Day of School...2011!!!

The Three Girlies had their first day of school on Monday.  They were all so excited they about peed their new jeggings.

I on the other hand, had the mixed emotions of every mother.  These kids need to get out of the house mixed with…..why do my babies have to grow up so fast?
Abbey is almost 13.  She tried on about 15 different outfits before settling on the perfect one for the first day of school.
She is a mini me.  She sounds like me, looks like me (except I don’t have dimples), and she even acts like me.  She’s 7th grade cool and ready to show her sister the middle school ropes.
Allison is 11 and has moved out of elementary school. 

Normally outgoing and relaxed, I am seeing hints of anxiety and pre-teen self consciousness.  She also, for the first time ever, had to have the perfect outfit.  But despite the pressures of having to play the “look cool for middle school” game, she stopped at the shoes.  That’s my Allie girl.

Amber is 8 and started 3rd grade.

She is sassy and silly, and a little bit disappointed that she has a boy for a teacher.  (Boys are a bit gross these days.)  I’m thinking it’s going to be the year of many friends for my social girl.
If we can buy more shoes and clothes for Abbey, help Allie remember her locker combination, and get Amber to quit talking and eat her lunch at school, I think we will be off to a pretty good year.   
But geez…..I am sure gonna miss my girlies.


  1. awww my sister started middle school this year too! She was so nervous and had to have the perfect outfit too! How funny... I remember those days!

  2. Man, I miss my beautiful Girlies....They look so big and so super cool. By the way Riley is totally into Hello Kitty this year....she and Allie are still so connected being so far apart!! great minds think alike!! miss you too Mom!!
    -Ms. Nat