Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Typhoon Roke...Sept. 21, 2011

Dad, this post is for you.  Because I know you called to see how we are doing, but by the time I got the message, you would have been sound asleep. 
This Japan/US time zone thing makes me crazy!
So we are in a typhoon…..again.  Typhoon Roke is the name, and wind and rain is his game.  I let the girls go outside for just a few minutes.  Again Dad, this especially for you!

It is dark now, so I can’t really see the damage yet, but as you saw in the video the screen came off of my dryer exhaust, so now giant roaches can easily get into my house.  Yay.
Oh yeah, and there is a little tiny tree blocking our street.

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  1. My absolute favorite line -- "I made sugar I think we'll be ok." LOVE IT! :o)