Thursday, January 6, 2011

Fo' Sho'....You Can Learn To Speak Slang

Are you a nerd? Dorky, unpopular, or simply not down with cool people?  Well, it is time to jock some fresh and try SLANG!!! I’ve compiled a few words,  definitions, synonyms, and examples with my own pictures. In mere minutes you will be speaking street....and be one of the most representin’ bustas on the block.
grip noun  : a considerable quantity, degree, or extent – syn BEVY, LOT, GANG, MESS
Natalie had a grip of wiener in her lap at the concert.

hot mess noun : an attractive individual or thing marred by a disheveled or down-at-the-heels appearance – syn HAM, TRAIN WRECK, FUGLY
The beach was a hot mess with the load of seaweed that had washed up.

hella adverb : to a high degree, exceedingly – syn MAD, WAY, WICKED, STRAIGHT UP
The Yokota Stingrays swim hella fast.
whip noun  : a car – syn RIZ, RIDE, HOOPTY, FLOAT
mobbin’ verb(inflected form)- driving around with friends, esp. while playing music and to attract potential romantic partners –syn CRUISING, ROLLING, RIDING DIRTY, RIDING TURBO DIRTY
Most of my girlfriends are jealous of my whip and they wish I would take them mobbin'.
off the chain adjective : fun, enjoyable, referring to an event or thing rather than a person – syn SICK, TIGHT, BOMB-DOT-COM
The Ax Murder House in my husband’s hometown was straight off the chain.
steez noun  : style, charisma, esp. that which is uniquely one’s own – syn STEELO, SWAGGER, MOJO, SWERVE
The Three Girlies brought out their maximum steeze on the first day of school in 2010.
wylin’ verb(inflected form)- acting crazy, strange –syn BUGGING, FLIPPING, WACK, ACTIN' A FOO
My husband is wylin, but I love him anyway.
dun-zo  adj 1.finished, completed – syn FINTO, WRAP CITY
This blog post is beyond dunzo.
Wanna learn more? Just go here to buy your own slang flashcards! 


  1. This post is hilarious!! LOVE the slang.. i'm going to have to add some of these to my daily vocabulary so i'll be FRESH. ;)

  2. Hilarious and very clever!! Hot mess is my personal favorite. :D

  3. This is very funny!!!! my favorite is steez. I never heard any of those words before. It was funny and educational :-)

  4. Thank you for doing the frugal friday blog hop. I liked you on facebook. Amee

  5. Loved the way you meshed up the slang with the photo! I'm so lame though, I'll never catch on to the slang.

  6. Loved that Lynnie....I remember sitting in your kitchen laughing our asses of to that slang biznass....and Im so jealous of your whip....I would pay you to go mobbin' it in fo sho !!