Monday, January 3, 2011

1000 Miles in 2011 - Day 4

I busted out a whole whopping mile this morning on a run. 
It wasn’t pretty.  I was underdressed and thanks to giving birth to three 8+ pounders….I peed myself the entire time.  So, I decided to turn around and walk home with pee chaffing and freezing on my thighs.
Too much information?
Running isn’t always pretty, but just when you think you might stop….something happens.  Maybe you win a pretty medal for being a finisher or reach a new PR.  Maybe you get some much needed quiet time away from kids.  Maybe you meet a new friend or you get an old friend to run with you.  Maybe you think it’s going to be a bad day and are having a pathetic run and you look up and see this…..
Mt. Fugi…Jan 4th, 2011 running the flight line on Yokota Air Force Base, Japan

What happens when you go running?


  1. That's a pretty amazing view.... if you can block out the heavy machinery and industrialness of the foreground. Even still, it beats the view running in suburban Fort Wayne....

  2. I want to go back to Wyoming! Where you can see forever and it's beautiful. Although it was beautiful here today.

  3. Wow! Almost makes it worth it to go out running! Almost...

  4. When I go running I fly- or at least I pretend to. Otherwise I get bored and stop.

  5. that picture is amazing. So glad you stopped by my site so i could find yours!