Sunday, January 2, 2011

1000 Miles in 2011 - Day 1

I made a New Year’s resolution to run 1000 miles in 2011.  Not to be left behind, my husband has decided to tag along.
So yesterday, 1-1-11 we headed to the gym to run our first three miles on the dreadmill treadmill.
We ran and it was tough, but my resolution was now in full swing, and I was feeling pretty good walking out of the gym…..until my husband saw a poster for a kickboxing class.  It had a girl on it, who sort of looked like this…..
“Hey can you do that?” he said sort of teasing and amused.
“Sure.” (Geez, I may not be 19 but I’m not 40 either.)
“Uh yeah, let’s see it.”
So, I sort of braced myself in the middle of this brightly lit gym hallway and kicked as high as I could.
Dear sweet blog readers....for the love of the muscles that run between your thighs and through your right butt cheek, don’t try this maneuver unless you are a professional.
I feel like I had a baby and then rode a horse for the last 24 hours.  I wish I could use some icy hot “down there”, but I’m thinking that might be a worse idea than doing the kick in the first place.
You know what though?  I am still going through with this resolution.  I miss running and what running brought into my life.
I have made best friends and we get skinny together.(Me the tall one, and Melissa at the Rock-n-Roll San Antonio Half Marathon...she's still skinny so I don't like her as much now. :P )

We paint our fingernails black for races.

I have been cool places.

I win medals. (Melissa, Jen, & I...doin' Dallas!)

I get free beer. (Me with my bestie Natalie in San Antonio.)

For some reason I left running behind in 2010.  I just have to bring it back.  To put it simply, running makes me happy.  And maybe just maybe at the start of 2012 I will be able to do this……

Only 996 more miles to go.


  1. Haha! Oh, man I can't believe you tried that kick. I was in the drill team in High School and we had to do high kicks. Ugh. Not even trying that now! I left running behind in 2008. Hopefully I can get back into it too. I'm the queen of excuses! Good luck with your resolution and thanks for entering my giveaway. Good luck with that too!

  2. You go girl!! That's a great resolution and way to get back into running.. but maybe don't do anymore karate kicks ;)
    I wish I was a great runner.. all of your race pictures look like a blast!!

    Thanks for entering my giveaway!! I have you down for 2 entries!
    Have a great week!

  3. So my resolution this year was to run 3 halfs....i was gonna start with Dallas in March and then do San Antonio in Novemeber and find a random for the middle of the year....but I cant bring myself to do the Rock N Rolls without you !! So, Im not doing them unless you are here with looks like Im gonna have to try and find something else to do....research for me !! I dont have the time and well my work blocks everythingon the internet except your blog !! Thank the Lord for that !! Miss you more than I know how to explain !!