Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Word for Today is Angsty

Angst : a feeling of anxiety, apprehension, or insecurity <teenage angst> (
My daughter Abbey was visibly annoyed when I asked her if she had a dictionary.
“Mom….look up your word on the internet.”
Oh yeah.  So I go and look up the word angst…because I just kind of knew what it meant.
Every once in awhile, when someone notices I have three daughters, they will say something like, “Daughters are so sweet until one day, they come home from school, and they are a completely different, and you will wonder where your precious little girl went.”
I used to shrug them off…..blah, blah, blah…..sweet and precious, I just can’t wait until they quit yelling down the steps, “I NEED HELP TO WIPE!!!!!!”
My wish came true.  Abbey can wipe her own butt now, but then she got off the bus after her second day of middle school, sobbing with angsty tears.
Now what?
MOM… didn’t wash my black jacket, what if I forget my locker combination, I am the ONLY kid who doesn’t have a cell phone, Ms. Soandso is mean, it’s embarrassing when you come to my school, can I get acrylic nails, why don’t you ever come eat lunch with me, I don’t like boys, when will I get boobs, and my best friend got asked to the dance by a boy, but I didn’t.
All that after two days of school?
I tried to talk to her, but I just sound like a mom.
So she started crying again….like really crying. 
And no one understands her…..least of all me.
And she is going to be totally mortified that I blogged this, but I just want everyone to know, especially her, that she is smart (she wants to be a veterinarian)……
And she is crazy cool fun (at the middle school Halloween dance…who cares about the boys)….
And she is beautiful inside and out….

FYI…Abbey is newly into blogging and although I don’t let her spend all her free time on her blog (like I do) she really likes it and is trying to find her blogging niche. 
Become a follower and relieve some of the ANGST that is caused by her mom and grandma being her only followers.  L


  1. New word on my dictionary, it is true, every day you learn something new.
    Abbey is a wonderful girl, sweet, beautiful, and smart. I guess angst is part of life, but surrounded by lots of love, she will be fine :-)

  2. I'm on my way to check it out now (Little One's Blog)