Friday, December 24, 2010

Top Ten Things I Love This Christmas Eve

1.     I love this crazy tree in front of my house.  Can you believe that?  Cute little rosy pink flowers blooming on Christmas Eve.  Makes our little fourplex, with its yellowish brown Air Force issued paint job, look a little tiny bit better.
2.     I love my tea bag angel ornament.  My best friend Becky made this for me and I always hang it so everyone can see.  After 10 years though, it has started to poop out tea leaves.
3.     I love to look for funny cars in Japan. I could do a whole blog post about it ....I probably will someday.  I am pretty sure that this Toyota not only has a bar in it, but also a dance club.
4.     I love the Christmas stockings my Grandma made us.  They give me warm fuzzy family feelings, even though we are far from home.
5.     I love Sugar Cookies….for breakfast, for lunch, for dinner, AND for Santa’s midnight snack.
6.     I love this giant present under the tree because it is MINE all MINE!!!  It is bigger than any one of the kids’ and they are totally jealous.  Does a Kitchen-Aid come in a box this big?  I hope so!!!
7.     I love this Sake.  It is sweet and warm.  I envision a romantic and quiet Christmas Eve together with my hubby….kids nestled in their beds and us cuddling by the blazing fire while glittering snowflakes fall outside in a whisper.  I’m sure it would work that way if only we had a fireplace.  And if it was snowing.  And if I didn’t have 1000 more gifts to wrap.
8.     I love my Japanese umbrella.  It is so pretty with all its spokes (28) and I always get complements on it.  Who ever gets compliments on an umbrella? 
9.     I love my husband and all his quirks.  He makes me laugh and roll my eyes when he brings home things like giant wooden carved lions.  When we are old, American Pickers will LOVE going through his shed! 
10.   I have two words for the tenth thing I love about this Christmas Eve…… Baby Jesus!

Happy Merry Christmas!!! 


  1. Update: The giant gift was not a Kitchen-Aid was Band Hero for X-box 360. Am I disappointed? No.....Every Rose Has Its Thorn makes it all good!!!!

  2. I love my husband's toasty waffles and fresh ground coffee on Christmas morning! I love the Christmas morning service at church because not many people come. I love reading Lynn's blog post and knowing that both of my children and their families are happy and healthy.

  3. I love your ten things now I have to go check out the cheese ball.


  4. You forgot mentioning stringing your 10.000 lights on your christmas tree ;-)Love you & miss you ;-(

  5. This is very funny....You are so creative.
    Sorry about not mixer in that big giant box.
    Love your top 10 list. Great pics.

  6. I'm new to following your blog as well as following you on twitter and I'm excited to say I "know" someone who lives in Japan :-) loving your top ten and can't wait for your 2011 post.

  7. what a fun list. and those sugar cookies mmmm i will have me some of them thank you please lol