Friday, November 2, 2012

Halloween Recap....2012

We survived.  No, not a zombie apocalypse…..we survived Halloween!
We estimate about 1000 trick-or-treaters came to our front porch.  Good thing Super Chicken was there with his bowl of candy to save the day!
The girls came in with LOADS of candy and had TONS of fun.  Allie was a princess with her best friend Kaylie.  Those two are inseparable.  The only way they could have matched even more is if Kaylie broke her arm and got a pink cast like Allie's blue one!
Amber was Red Riding Hood….vampire style! 
Abbey was off with her friends right after school and for the first year ever, I don’t have any Halloween pics of her.  Sigh.  I stole this from her Facebook page though.  This is totally what I do......
Hope you all had fun this Halloween!  We love you!

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