Saturday, October 27, 2012

Three Girlies Take on the Triathlon!

Yesterday, the Three Girlies added bikes and running shoes to their awesome swimming talents, and did a triathlon!
They all wore their new team warm-ups so the Yokota Stingrays could represent!
Unfortunately, Allie (the middle girlie) attempted parkour over our living room couch the night before and sprained her wrist….so she became the official “transition assistant” for Amber.
My pictures of this event are lacking.  I watched the girls at the pool and then shot them out to Brian at the bikes.  He rode with Abbey and I ran with Amber.  Kinda hard to catch those photos with all the excitement!  Here’s Abbey before her 300 meter swim…..
During the swim…..
Amber about to start her 100 meter swim…..
Amber getting started on her bike….
Needless to say, it was once again amazing to be able to watch the girls achieve their goals.  Amber swam 100 meters, biked 3 miles, and then ran a mile with me!
Abbey swam 300 meters, and then was supposed to bike 10 miles….but by accident, did the course twice.  Ooops!  We think she biked 15 to 20 miles.  It didn’t matter though, because once she received her finisher’s medal, she was all smiles!
Great job to all three of my Girlies….daddy and I are so proud of the strong and healthy young women you are becoming! 
We love you!  

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