Saturday, July 16, 2011

It Would Be Nice If We Could Read

It is very HOT and HUMID in Japan right now.  It’s the type of weather in which my husband gets brilliant ideas for adventures.  Like going someplace we have never been…….with my mom and aunt who are visiting.....who may rather stay inside the air conditioning playing with grandkids & nieces.  
The other day's adventure was to take us all hiking to find Hinohara waterfall.  Hot and sweaty hiking.  Sounds fun, doesn’t it?
We drove to the starting point easily enough and then decided to just follow the signs…..leaving the ENGLISH directions in the van.  It’s a piece of cake right?  Just look at the map.
Does that say 5.1 kilometers?
We hiked up.  My mom got out her fashionable headband.

My aunt just sat down on the ground.

The spiders freaked me out.
We guessed we might have been going the wrong way.  It was pretty obvious what we needed to do was go back down.

We had to wait around for some other people and watch where they were going, because the signs didn’t help at the bottom of the hill either.

At yet ANOTHER group of signs, we decided to choose the bright orange one.

Fortunately, there were some bathrooms along the way and these signs were much easier to translate. Boys……..


FINALLY we found the waterfall!  (Check out the volume my hair still had despite the humidity!)

And my mom and auntie were happy……maybe.

We walked back down the trail still hot and sweaty but lucky for us, there was one more sign and we all could recognize it. 

Thanks Japan, for yet another adventure.


  1. Love this post. I LOL'd at the signs.

  2. That sounds like a fantastic adventure. And I'm in love with those restroom signs - so adorable!