Saturday, July 9, 2011

Fourth of July Photography

I have signed up for a photography class in August.  I am pretty excited and obviously in desperate need of some schooling.  At least there are cool photo editing programs out there to play around with, before my pictures can stand alone. 
Enter in, my Fourth of July photograph editing extravaganza!  (Using Pixlr, Picnik, & Photoshop.)
Abbey and Allie ran AND finished the Firecracker 5k with me.  Abbey gave this pic a little patriotic flair.
Photo #2
I also had USA spirit with my red, white, and blue scrunchie!
Photo #3
Taken by my husband.  Of himself.  If you have read my blog at all, you already have a glimpse into the strange man I married. 
Photo #4
This picture actually turned out great.  My youngest daughter Amber (age 8), dating a younger man (age 2).  He’s such a cutie.
Photo #5
The best part of any 4th of July Celebration.  Why would I take a picture of this?

Photo #6
I always get so annoyed when people try and take pictures of the fireworks.  Like they are going to turn out better than the real thing or something?  So why did I think that any amount of Photoshopping could actually make this picture look good?  Nice telephone poles Lynnie.
Photo #7
Last but not least, my favorite photo.  I love the opportunity that our Air Force life has given me, so that I am able to enjoy the beautiful country of Japan.  I look at these flags and am reminded how fortunate and blessed I am!

Oooops……I almost forgot.  Picture #8.
 My husband riding my daughter’s tiny bike home after the fireworks.  He’s so fast.


  1. I like your fun pictures. I think I could have used a 5k before I ate all of our 4th of July food. :)

  2. Cool pics! I love that your girls ran a 5-K with you!! I hope my kids run a race with me someday :)

  3. I so need to take a photography class, good for you! I love me some Picnik though.

    My daughter ran her first 5k with me last March and it was so much fun! I love that she showed interest in one of my hobbies without having pushed her.

  4. fun stuff Lynnie...sorry about calling you at 4:30 that other you guys much!!