Sunday, February 6, 2011

1000 Miles in 2011 - Day 38...I Think

It’s funny how the mind wanders when one exercises.  A half an hour of running and suddenly, you’ve sorted through the most of the world’s problems.  Well, at least the problems in your own world.
Today, I started out a little stiff from that Chuck Norris roundhouse kick I tried a few weeks back, and my chest was burning from the crisp, cold air blowing around me.  But after about three or four minutes, Hannah Montana (of all people), had me running a nice easy pace…….and my world started to make sense.
Here is what went through my mind today in four miles….
1.     Is she a Crip or a Blood?  My perfect honor roll student got called to the counselor’s office this past week with her friends because they all decided to wear purple on Thursday. They were informed that this is considered a form of gang activity and bullying and it would not be tolerated.  She came home hysterical because she thought she would get into trouble and it ruined her fun Friday.  I had to calmly explain that it would have been fun to have a purple day and that I knew she wasn’t being bad, but that we had to follow the school rules because some people could possibly take it too far.  Then, I piled my three girls in the van and we all went down to get matching tattoos like the Japanese mafia.

2.     Carbs.  I thought about carbs while running.
      I started the Atkins diet plan eight days ago.  I can’t have any carbohydrates other than what you get from green vegetables for six more days…..and even then I can only add nuts, berries, and cottage cheese. It says on the Atkins website that my carb cravings would lessen over the first few days, but I bet Dr. Atkins doesn’t have a box of Thin Mints on top of his fridge, a can of Pringles in the pantry, and a Tombstone pizza in the freezer.

3.     I thought about God and I prayed.  This often happens when I run and I am not sure why.  Maybe it is because there are moments on my run that I don’t have to think about anything except putting one foot in front of the other.  I am breathing fresh air and the sun is on my face and I just feel close to Him.  It is these moments that I have held my hands up thanking Him for my blessings and I have also cried out to Him to answer my prayers….and I know He is there. It sounds crazy typing that out here, but it is my own little moment with Him, and I love it.
4.     I hate bodily fluids.  Usually I get mad somewhere along my run because I pee my pants a little bit.  Hey, I have had three babies so give me some slack.  Today, I stayed dry but my nose was running faster than I was.  It was gross and of course I didn’t have a tissue.  Some people do that “snot rocket” thing but I KNOW I would just snot all over the front of myself.  I had to use my sleeve.

5.     Finally I had about a half of a mile to go and Van Halen came on my iPod and started singing, “I Can’t Stop Loving You”, and my thoughts went straight to my husband….who will be home in 21 days……and I miss him.

  Dumb love songs.  Where is Megadeath’s “Appetite For Destruction” when I need it?
So that’s it.  That’s what went through my brain mixed in with, “oh geez is this ever gonna end?” and a few more carbohydrate hallucinations.  I am now back on track.  My daughter is not in a gang, I can have 3 strawberries in 6 days, Jesus loves me, my coat can be washed, and my husband called just a few minutes after I got home.  Nine hundred and fifty some miles to go!


  1. You are TOO funny. Delightful blog entry.

  2. the snot rocket thing had me rolling I've always wondered how ppl manage to do that an not get like a stringy booger that hangs on their face or something even more disgusting if there even is anything mor disgusting. That could happen while attempting that!

  3. Oh my gosh, I am ALWAYS thinking about carbs! And I dont think I can even run for five seconds much less a half hour... so jealous.
    I keep saying that the kids and I will join the Y but that never happens and my behind keeps getting bigger!!: )
    Thank you so much for visiting and leaving a comment on my little blog!!!! : )
    Kisses... Crystal Lynn

  4. Lololololol! I sooooo loved this post! You crack me up! I too find myself peeing a bit at times when I run, LOL, glad I'm not the only one (your right, it just happens after kids!) Thanks for following me, I am now following you, and look forward to reading more from you!

  5. hello Lynnie, I am new to your blog so I thought it would be nice to introduce myself. I am a fellow AF wife, stationed in Italy. Where in Japan are you? Misawa, Okinawa?


  6. Hi! Thanks for stopping by! :) I'll be happy if my blogging helps you out to learn more about Photoshop use. I have more Photoshop tips so feel free to snoop around and check it out! Maybe you could start here


  7. Mmmm Carbs! Why give them up? If you are running like you are then you don't need to give them up!

    And while I don't pee when I run (but I will admit quietly that once in a blue moon when I have a tampon in, strange things have happened? And I have never even had kids?) but it sounds like another reason to add to my list why I should continue to NOT run.

  8. I stopped by to say thanks for your sweet comment and what a great post, except for the Beckam picture, you have crashed that crush for me...:o( . I'm new to your blog, so I guess I got a lot of reading to do...I'm glad you only have 21 days before you see your hubby..I admire you, I don't know how I would ever live without my husband around.....sending you a warm hug,

  9. We need to run together :)