Friday, August 30, 2013

This First Day Stuff....Is Getting Harder

You girls just keep growing up.  A little more beautiful.  A little more independent. 
When you were 4, 3, and 2 months old…..I should have listened to all the strangers who told me you would grow up so fast. 

To Abbey…..
I hope you had the perfect outfit.  Judging by the clothes strewn all over your bedroom floor, it was a tough choice.  High School eh?  I cannot believe it!
I am constantly amazed at your drive and ambition.  I know you look like me but that ability you have to organize and not procrastinate is sooooo not me.  I’m a tiny bit jealous.

To Allison…..
I hope that you have a locker by your besty and that science class is hard….but not too hard. 

You will do great.  You always do.  You are crazy and funny and friendly…..all the things that make an awesome 8th grader!

To Amber…..
I hope you make a lot of new friends this year.  I know you miss your friends that have moved away, but you never know in our Air Force life, what friend will move in next. 
And my baby, sweet Loo-Li Bear baby is in 5th grade?  I can’t wait to see your light shine, quietly or loudly, in your own special way.

To all three of my girlies……
Your mommy sure misses you when you walk off to school each day.  I pray that God is near you even though I can’t be all the time.  Daddy and I are having so much fun watching you learn and grow.  Make good choices.  Don’t act like Miley Cyrus.  Be a good friend.  Do your homework.  Most of all, just be the wonderful young women I can already see that you are turning out be!
(First day of school 2010 through 2013……and I barely blinked.)


  1. Continue to enjoy every me, they keep flying by! This from a mom whose kids just started their sophomore and senior year--IN COLLEGE!!! How did THAT happen?