Friday, March 2, 2012

Remember Summer?

Remember summer?  The warm air, blue skies, and endless days in the water? Me either.
Here’s one of my best photos.

I took this for my photography class and the instructor really loved it.   It won all sorts of awards and I had visions of becoming a great photographer with my fancy new DSLR.
Who am I kidding?  What mom wants to lug the huge camera around with three kids, the sunscreen, goggles, a snack bag, my Kindle, and a couple of naked Barbies?
Not this mom.
But hey, I still have me cell phone.  Remember summer?  The warm air, blue skies, and endless days in the water.  Ahhhhh.  Now I remember summer. 


  1. I love my cell phone camera! But, I am slightly embarrassed of the ratio of dog to children pictures: 17 of my dogs, 2 of my children. In my defense (if there is even one!) all my dog pictures are from our morning walks, when my kids are still sleeping.

    Thanks for sharing the pictures! On this wet day, it was a very welcome reminder that Summer is coming.

  2. Hey, your hand picture SHOULD have won an award. Looking at it made me feel that I wanted to be in a pool on a summer's day, too.

    Have a great week and remember that summer is coming. It always does.

  3. Your "award winning" photo screams summer!

  4. I barely remember those days of warmth either, but your photos fill me with hope!!