Saturday, February 11, 2012

Three Valentines 4 My Three Valentines

You know that half the mom’s in the elementary school this year will be sending their kids to school with fabulous creations they found via Pinterest.  I so badly wanted to come up with something fabulous of my own, but it is so hard when everyone already hogged up all the ideas!!!

Since the big day of love is almost here, I whipped these up with the girlies today.  Two new ideas and an old one with a little chocolate added to make it better.  Because showing up to the third grade with the same Valentines as someone else's is like going to the prom and someone has the same dress as you do.  Right?  
Okay, maybe not quite the same, but still.....
Allie’s favorite color is green(but I made them purple???) and her best friend loves frogs.  I found some froggy clip-art, had some pink curling ribbon lying around, and put my youngest to work cutting out hearts.

Add a little treat and we made these cute Hoppy Valentines! (Print one HERE!)

Abbey has gotten all teenager on us all, and doesn’t want to be so cute.   My slogan is a bit cheesy, but we bought some cola gummies and designed a cool topper from a free screensaver website. (Print one HERE!)

We put some gummies in cello bags and left others in their original packages.  Japanese cola gummies are delish!

Finally, we made it to Amber’s Valentines.  She had her heart set on the glow sticks from Family Fun.  We decided to make them extra special and add the chocolate heart. 

She’s  simply excited about getting her own glow bracelet.
So there you go.  I will probably not win any Pinterest Valentines 2012 awards but now my kiddos can go to school fairly confident that they won’t have Valentines like anyone else.   My mom job for this holiday is now complete. 

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  1. These are all too cute Valentines. i pinned them on my pinterest. I'm also your new follower. Linda

  2. I love the soda ones. What a fun idea!

  3. Found you on Pinterest! Love the soda ones- but can't find anywhere to get the graphic/clip art for them. can you include a link or a download?

  4. @Joanna....The printables have been added!

  5. Super cute Valentines! I think I could actually even make the "you make my heart glow" one. I just wish I had the patience for paper crafts like I do for baking crafts - they're much easier on the hips! :)

  6. These valentines are TOTALLY Pinterest-worthy! My favorite is the frog with the ribbon tongue! We'll be starting our valentines this afternoon, with less than 24 hours to spare. Wish us luck!!

  7. These look amazingly awesome.. So creative and CUTE... Would LOVE for you to pweeeease share them via my Pin'Inspirational linky party happening here -. THANK YOU : )) ...Officially following ya via LF ;)) ...Wishing you a great weekend ahead.. ~Marilyn

  8. My favorite is also the frog! Stopping from RWOP.