Sunday, January 22, 2012

Valentine Photography

It’s a little early for Valentine’s Day I realize, but I am on a mission.  To be more specific, on my list of 101 Goals to Complete in 2012 is goal #17 – Send out Valentines.

So on a cloudy cold day with my camera settings on, 1/20 | f/5.6 | ISO 400 (if you care about that stuff), I took those girlies outside.  Then, I forced them to hold little cutout hearts COMPLETELY still while I took pictures…..of the hearts.

The girls whined about it, and I made one of them cry.  They would move or giggle and my camera would focus on them, and not the heart.  This ended up making me angry, and it wasn’t the happy-go-lucky photo-shoot that I had intended.  I was imagining something like skipping and laughing children with colorful hearts fluttering in the wind.  Not so much.

But finally, I got about 50 pictures of them and a few actually turned out how I wanted.  After a boosting, cropping, and text addition, my Valentines were complete.  Printed out on some glossy paper, you’d think an actual photographer took these.

And just in case the grandma’s want pictures of girls in which their faces aren’t all fuzzy, I had the girls hold up some bigger sentiments of love too.  We love you!!!

Goal #17 complete!


  1. those beautiful smile with beautiful hearts..perfect!
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can!

  2. Those are all so adorable! Awesome idea :)