Monday, June 6, 2011

Swim Like A Stingray

It was a goal of mine to make it past this last weekend.  My week was packed with entertaining the mother-in-law, the fifth grade graduation slide show from hell, and volunteering my time and talents (like telling people, “No you can’t go down that hallway!”) for our base running club.  But by far, the highlight of my maniac week/weekend, was the final swim meet of the season.
Abbey and Allie are both on the Yokota Stingrays swim team.  Back in September when we they first tried out, I didn’t know how it would go.  I sent them both happily into the pool and when they came back out they were both crying.  Hysterically.  
The coach assured me that they just weren’t used to the 50 meter pool and the intensity of the practice.  We definitely weren’t in the neighborhood swim club back in Texas anymore.  The girls continued to cry.
At home, I somehow convinced them to keep on trying.  Maybe it was the once-in-a-life-time-opportunity speech I came up with.  Or maybe it was the heart wrenching story I told them about me giving up the swim team in ninth grade, only to wish I was still on it my senior year.  Sigh.  Most likely, it was the promise of Subway every Thursday night after practice that motivated them to keep on trying.
And try they did.  Five days a week for the last 9+ months Abbey and Allison have become swimming machines.  (Ooh, and I became the wet towel toting, goggle adjusting, Speedo buying queen!)  I am so proud of how hard they have worked and all they have learned.
Hopefully, they will look back one day and be proud of accomplishing what they thought they couldn’t do. But deep in my heart, I hope they don’t just say, “Geez.  Remember when mom MADE us be on the swim team in Japan?  That sure sucked.”
Great job girls!  Stick with it.  Your hard work and commitment will take you anywhere you want to be in life.  Mama loves you.
Now all we have to do is inspire Amber to be on the swim team too.  This one’s not going to be so easy.


  1. So wonderful! I pushed my Boo to keep playing baseball mostly because I loved it so much. Now, he is amazing at it and loves it. Sometimes a hard nudge is all they need.

  2. Oh I loooooved swimteam when I was their age!!! Great pics!

  3. OMG...the last picture of Amber made me laugh out loud! I am so proud of the girls too. After swimming for 8 years, I know I had a few practices where I came home bawling as well. But love how much the hard work paid off. I love and miss you guys...I will send lots of hugs and kisses with Aunt Julie in July!

    Love, Cousin Martha

  4. I was on the swimteam in highschool and loved it! New follower from the making new friends blog hop, you can find me at

  5. Good for them! And nice job mama, for keeping them motivated! Visiting from Sunday Funday, have a great week!

  6. That's great! It's awesome that they're involved in something they love. Great pictures!

    Stopping by from Sunday Funday.

  7. Me too, I was a fish that age, there were no stingrays in my home country ;-). It's great you kept them on the track for some time. And if they really love it, they will keep doing it, otherwise it was a great experience. yay for the girls.

    Coming from Sunday Funday.

  8. That is awesome!! Love the pictures! The last one cracked me up!

  9. That's fantastic that they stuck with it!
    And that last picture?
    How adorable is she?

  10. Awww so great that they stuck with it and great job mama for "making" them. It's a lesson that they will definetly remember and grow from. Good job mama!! I love the last pic of Amber....she'll just be a whole different challenge :-) We have 2 challenges of our own :-/ Great to have found your blog, looking forward in keeping up with future posts! #SundayFunday


  11. hahaha That last picture cracks me up! I love that they love swimming. It's such a great sport and an awesome work out!