Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I Want To Be A Photographer When I Grow Up

You might have once or twice heard me complain on this blog, about wanting/needing a new camera.  You will be happy to know that it finally happened!  For Mother’s Day, my husband pulled out all the stops and got me a new Nikkon D3100 with a bunch of extras.  The camera wasn’t exactly here on Mother’s Day though.  It showed up in the mail about 15 minutes before we left for Kyoto, Japan on a little trip. (Which again is why, I haven’t been blogging that much.)
I quickly figured out that 10 minutes alone with the owner’s manual, isn’t quite enough time to learn to be a professional photographer.  Regardless, I am addicted and I have found my new hobby.  Now I can be one of those, drummer, hairstylist, jewelry-designer, clogging, photographers.  Yay me!
I have so much to learn about lines and leading the viewer's eye…….
Slowing the shutter speed…….
Finding things that are visually interesting…….
And more portraits……
Not perfect.....but much better than my old camera! I am so excited I might just cry my pants. (That’s when you don’t know whether to pee your pants or cry.)  Thanks baby for the new camera.  I love it!  I love you too….even though you are weird sometimes!

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  1. Congrats on the new toy! Im jealous. I have a D60 cuz it's all we could afford. I neeeed a new lens tho! :(