Thursday, October 31, 2013

A Spooktacular Halloween 2013

I just love Halloween.  It’s spooky, and fun, and full of candy.  (Boy do I love the candy.)  I love dressing up, carving pumpkins, and toasty pumpkin seeds.  Candles in jack-o-lanterns, little tiny monster trick-or-treaters, and did I mention the candy?
The Three Girlies have grown past the I-just-want-candy stage this year, and Halloween 2013 was all about hanging out with their friends.  All three of them got creative and made their own costumes….which turned out very cool.

Amber and her best friend decided to be Patty Schwab and Penelope Brown, best friend nerds. (Amber was Patty.)  My picture does not portray how hilariously “nerdy” they were.  You just had to be here!
Allie and her three friends were Barbie dolls.  I think it was really just an excuse to dress sassy (I made them take off the stilettos) and STILL get candy, but it worked.
Abbey threw together some blood and stuff, and turned herself into a Zombie Cheerleader.  Super cute!
For the seventh straight year, my husband was the ever-popular Super Chicken. (Fuzzy pictures...sorry!)
Super Chicken and his side-kick Nugget, made a 30 minute appearance outside and the Japanese kids ALL wanted pictures with him. 
And finally, my last minute masks that I found at the store for my friend Bri and I, were AWESOME!
Turns out they were VERY creepy.  Like serial killer creepy. 
But despite our murderous façade, we did get a picture with the band One Direction.
We also got one with Super Chicken.
See what I mean?  A lot of fun!  A little creepy!  And now....... it’s time for me to go eat some candy!  Happy Halloween!


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